Commercial solar panels

As long as you go with a top brand, there is very little difference in quality when it comes to solar panels. Solar power Perth However, no matter which brand or company you go with, if they are also installing your solar panels, you must make sure that they are MCS accredited otherwise you will not be eligible for the Feed-in tariff.

Feed-in tariffs are great ways to make your money back on a solar panel. Basically they are a process in which you sell back any extra power you have generated into the grid. This would be a great way to reduce those higher energy bills in the winter, by selling off the extra energy you produced in summer! These tariffs are offered by many of the main electrical companies as well as companies which specialise in just that specific field. Do your research first and you can really make a massive saving, whilst in the knowledge that you are providing someone else with electricity that was gained via renewable means!

Commercial solar panels have a distinct advantage when it comes to these form of Feed-in tariffs. Not only will you, as a commercial business, be able to reduce or at least halt a rise in electricity costs, but you can also provide additional power for businesses and residential properties when you are done for the day! Generating electricity on site reduces your costs whilst also giving you a positive commercial image as someone who takes the state of the environment seriously.

If you are a commercial businesses which relies on a lot of transport for exports or simply the moving of stock between stores, then commercial solar panels can help reduce your carbon footprint. You can help counter-balance the damage done by air pollution and the burning of fossil fuels by reducing your dependence on gas or coal power. Again, this will show to customers that you are globally aware and are doing your part to help the environment.

These positives are cemented in public view if you are the first in your area to choose to turn to commercial solar panels as a way of powering and heating your business. You can be a trend setter in your area, encouraging other businesses to copy your good example in order to keep a positive image in the public view. Of course, you can always say that your company was the one to bring about this positive change!

Companies such as Waldon Energy make sure to carry out an on-site evaluation before any contracts are signed to make sure that it is both environmentally sound for you to turn to solar power and financially viable! They will provide you with all the costing, options and output data to show what long term savings and returns can be achieved, making sure that you and your company are kept informed at all times.